Ghost closure

So my last boyfriend totally ghosted me. Took me out to dinner said he’d text did once and then disappeared. I can’t put into words how much being left like that hurts. I couldn’t believe after 3 years fighting for us he could let go that way. It took a bit for me to accept that perhaps he didn’t love me the way I thought he did. I’ve accepted that but at times I still find it hard to believe that this would happen to me. I thought he was mine. Anywho, I was having a hard time getting closure. He obviously wasn’t going to give it to me so I gave it to myself. I wrote our love story on an old light memento I took from his old place I named Le Closet I took it before it was demolished. We fell in love in le closet so it was special to me. Writing the story was hard but in the end I felt good. I learned a good lesson. I vowed to never ghost anyone that’s just a horrible thing to do I’d rather give who ever the truth . I believe it’s not only courtesy but it’s having human decency. We are human beings with feelings and I’d like to treat people as such. I will never do what he did to me. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Ghost closure

  1. some people just have so much fear of confrontation and or a fear of changing their minds that ghosting is the only option. They may be too weak to confront you and may choose to stay out of pity. Perhaps it is best for you to have this situation. You are clear and totally in the know about where he stands now.. What was his level of communication pre ghost?


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