The Ropes

Sorry no bondage story for you… yet. 

This is just my way. My technique to a successful session . I assume everyone has that little radar in them that helps them feel another person out. Whether it works well or not … is a whole other topic I can bring up later. 

This can also be used in a casual sex situation. But here’s how the pros do it. 

You email. Chit chat get a feel for the guy. What do you do. Get and give all the details blah blah blah. 

Rule number one escorts sell their time and time only. Personally I didn’t even acknowledge the money in my opinion it kills the vibe of that time spent.  It’s a donation … best to treat it as such. It’s friendlier. Should someone short you …never meet again it’s that simple. No use in wasting your time or energy getting angry over money. There’s more out there.

I usually would only meet guys with stellar ratings. I was a fortunate one who was spoiled with gifts and wine. I had some true gentlemen walk through my doors. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Best thing to be learned is never discussing nitty gritty and money. That’s soliciting. That’s not what I was paid for. I was paid to have the time of my life.

Casual lovers look for your tips in next posting it’s best to break this down into parts.

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