Be silk NOT burlap

So you agree to meet all details sorted out donation secure all systems go. 

I usually start with small talk see how he responds … some do well… some do not. You want to be more kinesthetic with those who don’t do well with small talk or you will get *crickets* 

Flirt but don’t over do it. Make eye contact. Touch his arm or his leg as you laugh if he says something funny or witty. Laugh even if he’s not that funny or witty. Subtly of course don’t over do it. Guys love smiles. Show him he can make your night. That’s what he wants to see. He wants to make you happy… well most do. 

We all know people have all kinds of preferences when it comes to the bedroom. Some men like to please. Others like to be pleased. Some like both while others want it served roughly. Some like butt play while others like costumes. Some like water sports while others like role play. The list goes on and on. So how do we feel all this shit out?!😟


You ask. 

Tell me about your fantasies. 

Tell him yours. 

As he tells you sneak a kiss on his neck. Then the magic begins. 

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