Involuntary sea of tears

Everyone grieves differently…

I have never felt this knot in my chest and throat so tight it’s hard to breathe.

Have never felt so much pain inside that I literally can’t move.

Burst into involuntary tears more times these past few days than I ever have in … Ever. 

First time crying uncontrollably on a train. Thank you sunglasses.

I haven’t slept. I have no desire to eat. 

Grief is plaguing me. I just want to feel alive again. I don’t want to miss my life.  I want to be living it. I don’t want to love anyone anymore. Just for now.

The pain is unbearable. 

Fuck you mind of mine for making my emotions so unbearable. 

Bpd is no joke I feel like I’m being skinned alive while watching all my loved ones leave me. 

I suppose the only way out is through. 

Hope I make it 

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