The greatest gift… Is being called ungrateful.

So the greatest gift ( next to my tumultuous relationship, friendships, and family) was being called ungrateful the majority of my life. You see I’ve come to find out through countless disastrously hurtful trial and error that my way of expressing this isn’t cutting it with the world. Inside… I’m ashamed to admit how much people mean to me because I’m afraid to admit I need them. I was taught this was social suicide because then you appear too eager to please. Ass kisser… No one wants one so I was told. Here is where I am stopping the nonsense. I don’t remember where I even learned this that’s how deep rooted it is!!!

I met a man long ago … we fell in love. Whirlwind of chaos and a love so strong it blossomed into a strong rooted friendship. I am so blessed that things happened the way they did. This man rescues me time and time again. This man and I now raise our child together though we’ve been long separated. He is my best friend. Technically he’s my husband. He’s the father I wish I had. Most of all he is the man who possesses the brightest light from within I’ve ever seen he forgave the unforgivable . He saved me despite how evil I was to him . I don’t know how to thank him …. Words aren’t enough for me to explain how much he and what he does means to me but written word is the best way I know how.


Eric you will always be my angel and best friend. Til the end . I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt this.  You matter to me. You mean the world to me.  Even when I hate you. Lol

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