Bottomless love bucket

I feel as though I’m a paper cup with holes punched out on the bottom.Tell me you love me.

Tell me I’m special.

Tell me you need me.

Tell me you want no other.

Tell me I’m it for you.

Tell me I’m beautiful.

Tell me you’re proud of me.

Tell me I’m smart.

Tell me I’m capable.

Tell me I’m strong.

Tell me I’m lovable exactly as I am.

Tell me I’m worth the struggle.

Tell me I’m brave.

Tell me your boundaries.

Tell me your fears.

Tell me your childhood memories.

Tell me you’re mine.

Tell me you want a life with me.

Tell me your love is real.

Tell me you won’t leave me like everyone has.

Tell me the perceived lies I need to hear until I see the truth.

Tell me borderline doesn’t define me because I’m sure to forget.

Tell me life is worth living because you’ll be here to catch me.

Tell me your fantasies as I just told you mine.

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