5 ways to make your girlfriend or wife feel like she means nothing to you. 

1. Make separating the first option when in conflict or leave every opportunity you get. Fight a little will you?! Pretend I mean something to you and I am worth something to you.

2. Don’t introduce her into your social circle or to meet your family. Keep her off all social media as well… She’s not worth mentioning…. Never mind how long it’s been.

3. Work, friends, and bars are priority. Ignore her calls, texts, emails she will wait (yup I lost a baby to the stress of this one). Or you can sacrifice all and blame her for it because she wasn’t worth you “wasting your time” option two actually works exceptionally if low self esteem is what you desire. 

4. Don’t call her beautiful, tell her I love you, or anything sweet without being asked. 

5. If you’ve made it here she’s likely to be a hot depressed mess now is the time to bring up how little she is good for and don’t forget to hit those sensitive spots if you’re lucky she will off her self or run off. In my case I ran off and came back in regret buy last but not least…. LEAVE. Tell her of your fabulous 2016 plans without her dead weight on you. Leave her there to suffer with uncertainty when you block all communication. Don’t forget to update your social media!!!! Right to the heart.


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