Reassuring your inner child

I never understood what this all entailed and to be quite frank I have no fucking clue if my perception of what this process really is is really “right” but …

Fuck is this brat inside my head persistent in her insatiable need to be reassured that she is worth the struggle and worthy of love. Negative self talk will wound you in ways you can’t fathom. Yet why must we always fall back to this familiar yet dreaded self made tomb of doubt that plagues us relentlessly every chance we give it to consume our mind and deaden our spirit. 

Don’t shit in your food woman. You are worth every bit of the struggle it took to learn to love you. If the person in front of you can’t see it then he isn’t seeing you as you are. He’s seeing who you once were. I don’t need you. I want you. For the first time in my life I’m not ashamed. I have problems and imperfections galore but they are what make me unique and one day I will blossom in ways not even I can foresee . Like miss Monroe said …. 


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