Swiss Army knife mom 5 in 1.

I was raised by a woman who has so many aspects of her personality it’s almost like have 5 in 1. Fun irresponsible mom. Loud verbally abusive mom. Suffocatingly loving mom. Contently distracted mom. Unbelievably forgiving mom.  

I know some of those sound terrible but I love my mother despite all. I find comfort in being the bigger person by sticking by a sick loved one . Within reason of course… I won’t stick around for loud mom anymore. I have the freedom to make my own choices and refusing to give in to negative behavior was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It teaches her self control because she knows I will no longer respond to her if she can’t control her temper. I was as angry as they come ever since I was a child…. It’s a learned behavior. Now being a parent myself ….I’ve begun self evaluating . Turns out I was teaching my kids to be the same way. Anger management (although I complained the entire time) was probably the biggest blessing ever. I’m so thankful to my counselor who opened my eyes by saying simple words….

How would this make you feel? 

What purpose does this serve?

Is this reaction going to help you , anyone else , or resolve/ solve the conflict?

Thank you Ryan 
Moral of the story …. Think before you speak people…. You never know how deeply your words can cut another. Those words can be seared into their brain and heart for life if they’ve heard it enough.


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