The word sister

First thing that pops into my mind is first best friend. I’ll never know if my only sibling (of same parents) and I ever were. She being 6 years my senior found no point in wasting her time trying to bond with me. As early as I can remember I’ve always been such a nuisance to her. I felt as if I was always in her way. She spoke to me as if I were nothing to her sometimes. Given I was the neediest of needy children now grown to be a somewhat needy adult. Now I know I need to feel love for me. Then all I wanted was her approval and acceptance. A girl can dream. I’ve always wanted that close bond. A friend for life unconditional love… Something I’ve never known …. My biological sister is a narcissist. Hurts me all the time. One day I’ll have the sister I’ve always wanted. Perhaps not biological sister but she is out there somewhere.  


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