SO I don’t know how to solve every problem…. Is that REALLY shameful? Stigma behind mental health issues.

“Oh just snap out of it.”

“Just think positive”…timing HAS to be perfect if you are going to suggest this one its risky but effective this is the best way to deal.

“Counseling is waste of money just stop being negative and spend more time out having fun.”

“Quit being overly emotional / crazy/ sensitive/ dramatic”

This is about when my temper starts to flare.

We don’t choose to be this way. It interferes with our lives hence the reason we seek help.

Perhaps one thing should be taken into consideration when this sort of thing is being discussed or even just mentioned. If someone is revealing to you that they aren’t well and they are seeking for a professional to talk to or vent to, you very well could be someone they trust and know they can confide in to reveal such deeply personal decisions and feelings. This is just about the hardest part of recovery in my opinion. Reaching out and exposing yourself to possible criticism, scrutiny, alienation, trivialization, and even ridicule was most definitely the most terrifying thing to me when I first came out with the truth. Put yourself in our shoes for a moment…

All the positive thoughts in the world cannot heal a chemical imbalance. They however can make life more manageable.

Picture yourself stuck under a huge rock. You don’t know how you got there because you chose to block out those memories. You can’t function like everyone else you can barely breathe. You’re stuck. You realize there is absolutely no way you extricate yourself without calling out for help. Finally your most beloved loved one comes to see whats happening. You reach out and they say “oh it’s not that bad quit being dramatic.”

What’s a molehill to you could look like a mountain to me. Does that make me ridiculous? Not really. It just means we see and value things differently. If you care for someone and watch them suffer for something… anything. It shouldn’t matter what your personal view on that particular thing is. That isn’t going to help. This is your golden opportunity to be of service to someone you love and trust by listening and allowing us to be who we are. Spread love not criticism.perspective matters

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